28  February  2020

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CO2 Fracturing Technology
China boasts of abundant terrestrial shale gas resources. Compared with marine shale, terrestrial shale has smaller thickness, lower content of brittle minerals, higher content of clay minerals, and lower pressure. Hence, the development technology for marine shale gas, especially the fracturing technology, is not entirely applicable to terrestrial shale. Accordingly, aimed at the reservoir characteristics and fracturing difficulties, liquid CO2 foam and CO2 energized fracturing technology is proposed, which has been applied to Chang-7 Member of Mesozoic Yanchang Formation in the Ordos Basin. The application results showed that pure liquid CO2 at a discharge rate of 2.0 m3/min was capable of fracturing shale gas reservoirs in Chang-7 Member with a rapid liquid unloading, and ignition could be conducted after 24 h. Meanwhile, CO2 energized fracturing greatly improved the fracturing fluid flowback speed and rate to shorten the liquid unloading period, which all benefited the terrestrial shale gas exploration and development.

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