15  April  2021

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Infopetro Technology Development Ltd. provides bilingual information services and online database support to help world's leading energy corporations, equipment suppliers, technology research and development institutes find, engage, build and manage their proprietary business interests. Have your business information posted online in Chinese may expose your leading edge to the dynamic Chinese market with an efficient media transmission through one of the most reputable energy portal web being operated in China.
Infopetro manages several other business divisions which are well positioned to offer clients with direct access to supply oilfield equipment and services to both China and south east pacific regions.
Register members may publish your unique perspectives to promote your line of products and services in both English and Chinese. This website is accessible to all registered members of Infopetro, and limited access to non-registered members in news and reports.

A Logging Evaluation Method For Gas Content Of Shale Gas Reservoirs In Sichuan Basin [07/14/2017]
A Method For Predicting the Injection-withdrawal Performance Of UGSs Rebuilt From Gas-cap Oil Reservoirs [07/07/2017]
Calculation Method Of Maximum Allowable Gas Invasion Overflow In Deepwater Drilling [06/27/2017]
Methodology For Kick Tolerance Calculation And Well Killing In Deepwater Drilling [06/19/2017]
Tools For Finely Stratified Fracturing In Wells With Casing Deformation [06/06/2017]
Control System For Water Drainage And Gas Production With Plunger Lift Under Multi-mode Optimization [06/06/2017]
Differential Pressure Model For Testing Low-porosity And Low-permeability Gas Reservoir Based on Discharged Invading Solids [04/21/2017]
Calculation Method For Pressure Drop Along Downhole Bending Section Of Coiled Tubing [04/13/2017]
Calculation Of Sweep Efficiency For Water Flooding Development Of Conventional Heavy Oil Using The Stream-tube Method [04/05/2017]
Fast And Accurate Prediction Method About Productivities Of Horizontal Wells In Merged Overseas Oilfields [04/05/2017]
An Innovative Technique For Predicting Wellhead Uplift Height [03/29/2017]
Pattern and Control Technology of Gravity Displacement Between Asphaltic Heavy Oil and Drilling Fluid [03/20/2017]
Productivity Enhancement Technology Through Fishbone Structure In Micro-holes [03/13/2017]
Fracture Control Technology For X80 Large OD 1422 mm Line Pipes [03/01/2017]
A New Gas-bearing Detection Method For Medium And Deep Channel Sand Reservoirs Under High Temperatures and High Pressures In The Yinggehai Basin [02/26/2017]
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