15  April  2021

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China Bio-fuel and Ethanol Outlook 2005


Date: 22-23 September 2005

Venue: Swissotel Beijing, China

Being one of the drivers for world economy, China's burgeoning appetite for energy has pushed world crude oil price to record highs. The need for alternatives and new sources for energy supply has become a priority and China pursues the possibilities offered by renewable energy sources to decrease its dependence on imported oil. Ethanol and Biofuels are increasingly seen as viable substitute energy with a role across China.

What is Chinese government's new policy on renewable energy industry?

What are the challenges and opportunities for those who intend to enter China's promising bio-fuel and ethanol market?

What do the newest technologies in the world bio-fuel sectors offer?

Does the development of biofuel pose a food safety (of supply) threat to the world's most populous countries?

How will the development of bio-fuel industry affect the world grain and sugar trade?

China Biofuel and Ethanol Outlook 2005 conference presents an invaluable opportunity to hear and meet senior representative from key Chinese authorities as well as from the Chinese and international bio-fuel industry. This well-timed conference allows the delegates to plug into one of the world's most promising bio-fuel market and benefit from first hand insights.

Join China Bio-Fuel and Ethanol Outlook 2005 to receive intelligence on:

World Markets and where Asia stands in comparison: Projects across

Asia and progress of ethanol in Asia

The emergence of ethanol and biofuels as viable alternatives to fossil fuels

China's growing energy needs and the role for alternative fuels, ethanol and biofuels

Potential for ethanol to offer a viable alternative to petroleum based fuels

The challenges ahead: will ethanol and biofuels cause complexities from their role as human food/energy

Raw Materials availability: Is there and will there be enough supply to achieve long term goals?

The financial and regulatory environment facing investments in ethanol and biofuels

The latest Technology offerings, their economics and offerings

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