19  July  2019

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Clean Fuels-CNG/NGV-Hybrids-Fuel Cells China/Asia 2005


Date:6-7 September 2005

Venue: Swissotel Hotel. Beijing. China

The Chinese government recently passed legislations promoting stricter environmental protection standards, introducing EURO 3 emission standards, starting with Beijing in July 2005. All forms of energy-saving, clean fuel vehicles, including dual fuels, LNG, CLNG, hydrogen, fuel cells, hybrids are being promoted. Government incentives for use and development of such vehicles are given. In the NGV sector, CNG applications are implemented for taxis, buses, heavy trucks, garbage collectors, motorcycles, and even trains. The new natural gas infrastructure and its extension, the development of more LNG terminals help the promotion of the CNG and LNG vehicle markets. Elsewhere in Asia, the increasing popularity of natural gas is also giving a big boost to the clean fuel-CNG-NGV sector. Nevertheless, going by its sheer size and hunger for energy, including natural gas, prospects for the CNG-NGV sector in China are very promising.

Updates on New Applications and Technological Advances by the Experts:

Incentives and Policy Stimulation for Clean Fuel Development in China

The Chinese Government's perspective on the development of clean vehicles

China's Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure, its extension and how these facilitate the promotion of NGVs

Guangzhou, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai¡­..the multiplication of LNG terminals and the evolution of a CLNG/LNG Vehicle market

The 2005 China NGV Market Update

Composite CNG Cylinder design and development in China

Pathways to Hydrogen: How Asia and China can actively participate in the Hydrogen Economy

Advances and Commercialisation in the Fuel Cell industry and benefits for the China marketplace

NGVs for Heavy Duty Trucks: Opportunities in China/Asia

Natural Gas Dryer market applications for Mother, Daughter and Standard stations

New advances for diesel-to-natural gas conversions, bi-fuel gasoline/natural gas conversion kits, dedicated natural gas engines

Beyond Bangkok: technological advances, new applications in Thailand's NGV sector

Beyond Delhi: advances and opportunities in the Indian CNG market

Sophistication and advances in the European OEM NGV sector and prospects for new growth, design adaptation, applications for NGVs in Asia

Composite high-pressure cylinders for CNG and Hydrogen markets

Engineering challenges, product specifications, requirements in Bangladesh NGV sector

Preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics: The Clean Vehicle Initiative and business opportunities


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