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ICOPCE 2005 International Chemical & Oil Pollution Conference Conference & Exhibition


Date: 28-30 September 2005

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Opportunities and Challenges in Clean, Secure and Safe Oil, Chemical and Gas Industries in 2006 and beyond

Organised by:
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Managed by:
IBC Asia(S) Pte. Ltd

The INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL AND OIL POLLUTION CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION 2005 brings together the world's chemical, oil and maritime transport industries to meet in Singapore for an update on global, regional and industry specific initiatives in pollution prevention and response.

ICOPCE 2005 casts a wider net to gain inputs from specialist speakers on changing market conditions in oil, gas and chemicals, as well as on how industry is adapting to changes while continuing to adopt a "zero tolerance" to spills and accidents across the product supply chain.

ICOPCE 2005 delivers insights into the transport chain supporting oils, gas and chemicals to focus on delivering an integrated approach to safety across an important chain of events that power Asia's increasing energy needs.

ICOPCE 2005 brings together leading figures in the forefront of thought in oil spill value chain, from preparation, response, the process of gaining compensation and the issue of responsibility and liability. The combined experience and expertise of professionals dealing with some of the world's most serious spills will form the foundation for ICOPCE 2005's leadership as a premier forum aimed at arming shipper, shipping and allied community with the knowledge base needed to learn from every incident.

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