19  June  2019

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The 8th China Int''l Environmental Protection Exhibition


Date: April 27-29, 2007
Venue: Intex Shanghai & Shanghai Mart

The Organizer: Shanghai Zhongmao Exhibition Service., LTD


Improving the ecological environment has a close bearing on the sustainable economic & social development and the standard of our life. However, in China, environmental pollution is very serious, and also has become the key issue to be solved. In the seven major water systems, only less than 40% of them could reach the copper national water quality standards. Only one third air in the major cities could reach the silver national air quality standards; The ecosystem depredates aggregately, soil erosion area amounted to more than 350 million square kilometers and the dimension is also increasing at the speed of 10,000 square kilometers each year now; Pollutants sound of low throughput; Environmental pollution has great impact on the people''s health and social stability. Thus, it has become the focus of the international society.

To promote the development of environmental industry and technology, together with the Chinese Society For Environmental Sciences (CSES) and Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, the China Environmental Protection Exhibition (EPTEE) will be held in the hope of stepping up the development of environmental protection industry in China.

Since the inception in 1999, the annual "EPTEE" would stage at Shanghai in April every year. In the development of the past 7 years, based on the unceasingly expanding scale and the refinement of subjects, "EPTEE" has become a specialized brand trade fair in pertaining industry, and still in the past years, it has accumulated more than 3,000 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors from over 30 countries. Based on the situation, EPTEE has refurbished to be the most influential environmental show in China, which has caught the eyes of most of the environmental players throughout the world.

Since the sustainable rise of the exhibition area and reputation in the passed 7 years, EPTEE has been expanding its influence, and many industrial companies have attached great importance on EPTEE. In EPTEE 2007, most of the clients will extend the exhibiting areas and re-build the stands to reach a higher class, and till now, many new clients have confirmed their attendances. To meet the requirements of exhibitors, EPTEE 2007 will be held at Intex-Shanghai and Shanghai Mart, the total area will increase by 35%, and then there will be over 700 exhibitors sharing 900 stands, and the floor area will reach 22,000 sqm.


Shanghai Zhongmao Exhibition Service., LTD
Add: A/10, Huading Tower, 2368, Zhongshan Road West,Shanghai, 200235,China.
Tel: 86 21 54592323 54592318
Fax: 86 21 54253480
http: ///www.eptee.com

Show Management Team:
Project Manager: Allen Li
Email: eptee@zhongmao.com.cn or zhongmaoexpo@126.com
Assistant£ºAndy Hu, E-mail: andy@zhongmao.com.cn
Tel: 86 21 54592323 54592318 ext 335

Team Member£º
Hope Sai , Email: hope@zhongmao.com.cn
Tel: 86 21 54592323 54592318 ext 327
Zizi Zhou , Email: zizi@zhongmao.com.cn
Tel: 86 21 54592323 54592318 ext 338

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