15  April  2021

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China Coal Summit 2006


Date: Dec. 4th to 5th, 2006
Venue: Wangfujing Grand Hotel, Beijing, China


With the rising prices of crude oil, and the shortage of natural gas resources, the black diamond "Coal" is playing a more and more important role in the global energy mix. Especially in China, given its special energy resources structure, China is having more focus on the coal production. It is projected that China coal product will carry its momentum to add around 200mt every year, given the tremendous demand from power, steel, and cement industries.

The growing demand of coal has caused many intriguing issues, among which safety has been on the top tier of the list. The demand also encourages more coal mines to purchase advanced technology and equipments. Now, more and more foreign mining equipment manufacturers are entering China market and acquiring local players. The rising oil price also encourages coal chemical industry, like the development of CTL & GTL. Though NDRC just released a report to curb the embankment of smaller scale CTL projects, it is believed that the trend will not change as long as oil price keeps at this position.

As international interests and participations in Asian coal industry continue to grow, Business Solution for Management Group is proud to present the China Coal Summit 2006 on Dec 4th & 5th in Beijing, China, which depicts a global picture of developments and opportunities of the world largest coal market.


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