26  April  2019

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Latin America LPG Seminar


Date: November 7-10, 2005
Venue: Santiago, Chile

Purvin & Gertz, is pleased to announce the 11th annual Latin America LPG Seminar will be held in Santiago, the beautiful capital of Chile. Chile has enjoyed a dynamic economy that has been the envy of developing nations throughout Latin America and the world for the past 15 years. LPG has enjoyed great success as a favorite cooking fuel in Chile for several decades, and the country''s per capita LPG consumption rate is second only to Mexico when compared to demand rates in other Latin nations. The retail LPG industry is a glowing example of how great our industry can become if we plan ahead for the future and work towards improving services, quality and customer satisfaction.

Today, high LPG prices are on the minds of every industry player, with oil prices pushing LPG prices to the highest levels we''ve ever witnessed in our industry. Latin American countries, particularly those that subsidize LPG prices, are scrambling for ways and ideas to control the situation. However, in countries where the public simply can not afford to pay higher prices for fuel, not much can be done.

The impact of high international oil prices and high U.S. natural gas prices are far-reaching-threatening LPG demand growth and sales volumes in almost every Latin country. The effect of LPG marketers and consumers in countries with little or no price subsidization is even more concerning. Hence, both government and LPG industry officials face tough and difficult decision in managing prices volatility and sales volumes. It is during times like these that an important industry event like the Latin America LPG Seminar becomes a vital forum for government and industry officials to share new ideas, opinions and dialogue on ways to better manage and control their respective businesses. Our clients frequently tell us that they gain their greatest insight on important LPG market issues and fundamentals by attending our seminars and workshops.

Global and regional LPG supplies are now growing slightly faster than LPG demand, with new LPG supply sources like Peru and Trinidad making their impact on the Latin marketplace. South America has swung from a net LPG importer to a net LPG exporting continent, yet new LPG supplies from Atlantic Basin sources like Nigeria remain eager to further penetrate the Latin LPG marketplace. We will discuss these important industry fundamentals and their likely impact on LPG markets during the coming years.

The Mont Belvieu LPG marketplace, an important pricing benchmark for Latin America, is encountering significant changes in its market dynamics, with high U.S. natural gas prices pushing up the floor on LPG prices during the summer months - swinging the international LPG price arbitrage in favor of shipments to the U.S. The prices for building new LPG ships have risen significantly during the past year, due to rising steel prices caused by a robust Chinese economy and a surge in LNG shipbuilding that has limited the shipbuilding capacity for new LPG vessels.

We have assembled a highly qualified panel of industry speakers to discuss these and other important LPG and natural gas industry issues that are having the greatest impact on global and Latin American LPG markets. We encourage you to attend this year''s seminar and look forward to seeing you in Santiago.

Contact: Glenda Burres
Tel: 713-236-0318 x 229
Fax: 713-331-4000

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