25  February  2021

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 Infopetro -> About Us

     Infopetro Technology Development Ltd. was established in 2002, and is a wholly-owned foreign company based in Beijing, China. Since its founding, the company has been recognized by its clients associated with the oil and gas industry to be credible and unbiased in providing various professional services to both Chinese national and international companies. Presently, the major business focus of the company is to provide market access research and consulting services to international companies which are either in technology service sector or equipment supply sector, particularly in sectors associated with environment improvement. The company has a team of professionals and established a broad network of contacts with the Chinese oil and gas industries, both in upstream and downstream operations. Other scope of business of the company includes:

 - Represent international companies to facilitate market promotion of environmental technology applications;
 - Work through its affiliate company, SinoSynergy Consultants Co. on market survey and analysis, including professional translation services according to client’s specific requirements;
 - Web-based Information services including e-mag. periodical distributions on various subjects, including “China Petroleum Report”, “China Coalbed Methane Report”, “China Natural Gas Market Report”. The company also operates two portal websites on information management at: www.infopetro.com.cn (www.infopetro.com) and www.energydatabank.com .

Infopetro works closely with leading multi-national corporate companies including Shell, Schlumberger, AKer Solutions, Uniteam, Siemens, Far East Energy Corp., GeoEnergy, AT Kearney, CDM, API Association, Lloyd Register, etc; and the Chinese companies including CNPC, PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC.

Infopetro strongly believes that through building bridges between people and countries, and providing quality and cost effective services are the key to a sustainable development in its business. The company welcomes the opportunity in working with both Chinese domestic and international clients in the future.


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